So the police apparently are saying that they will be back today, sometime between 11am-1pm to issue citations and/or jail anyone who has still left a shelter on camp property. A shelter, to them, is a tent, pallets, or even having a blanket covering you as being a violation of some sort. They are now saying that the property we are on is a "right of way", blocking traffic on that road.

The road happens to be overgrown with thorny blackberry bushes, nowhere near developed as a paved road you would see in downtown Portland. This seems to be another attempt of them trying to harass or derail what we are trying to achieve, which is making a home for ourselves on this land.

We are asking for any and anyone who wants to come out to make a stand with us, to please join us. We plan on having a peaceful protest proclaiming that we are not leaving and demand to be left alone or treated with more dignity. The more bodies there are when the cops show up, the more them and the city will know that we are bigger force to be dealt with than they realize.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that there is a 50-50 chance that YOU yourself could be arrested today
. There is plenty of risk if this does happen to go down like we think it may so keep that in mind. And we completely understand if that’s a risk you just cannot take. Here’s the breakdown of the event:

WHO: Camp Phoenix Rising members, friends and allies
WHAT: A sit-in, peaceful protest, a stand against injustice
WHEN: September 11th, 2010 at 11am-1pm
WHERE: On site at 299 N. Hancock St. (Off of N. Wheeler St. near Broadway Bridge)
WHY: To keep Camp Phoenix Rising afloat amidst the turmoil of police harassment, city officials being evasive, and fighting government oppression.

Please spread the word to as many people as you think would be interested in this protest, even if you won’t be there. Meet at 10 am to discuss strategy, meet members, and find out more crucial info to make this as successful as we can because there is so much we all can learn! We need your support…thank you all!

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11 September, 2010 06:13

Camp Phoenix Rising Faces Eviction Again. The police have threatened to be back on Friday, confiscating property and issuing citations. Do you have land, a basement, a friendly church – that can donate space while the campers regroup and continue to work towards their goals of health, employment, and sustenance. URGENT!!!! Please get in touch!

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Hello world!

 Phoenix Rising is a free camping collective located in Portland, Or. Established in August 2010 by a handful of impoverished people experiencing homelessness, this camp serves as a safe haven from life on the streets.We aim to:

1. beautify our community by laying down garden beds.
2. keep our neighborhood clean of trash.
3. learn other “green” skills to allow us to live sustainably and in peace.
4. educate the public about the critical, increasing levels of poverty being experienced in our community.

Help us lay down the groundwork to keep this project going by volunteering in various areas, donating items, or just spreading the word around about us!

299 N. Hancock St.

Northeast, Portland, OR 97227

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